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AotW: zircon & Jeff Ball’s “Globulous” OST

Randomly came across this yesterday.  Bought it as soon as I listened to the first two tracks!

A bit of information though:

Globulous is a puzzle game for iOS made by Firestarter Games. The soundtrack is written and performed by zircon and Jeff Ball.  I’m a recent fan of zircon (The “Fittest” OST is fantastic.) and I’ve been a fan of Jeff Ball for a little longer, so you can see that this collaboration would be very interesting to me.  I would try and describe it but their description sums it up very well.

Our inspirations for this soundtrack were really varied, ranging from the soft ambience of Machinarium’s score, the electro-acoustic fusion of Bastion, and the retro flavor of NES-era chiptunes and basic synths. Creating a cohesive style took experimentation; we played off of each other’s techniques and compositional styles. We wanted the music to be exciting and interesting, without being too chaotic or distracting.

The tracks “Aurora Magnitude”,”Dawn Oblique” and “Cavern Omega” are my favourites here.  Two of those feature Jeff Ball’s wonderful violin playing.  I will say that the album makes for very good coding/studying music.

I think that’s enough procrastination for me now.  I shall leave you with the track “Aurora Magnitude” and I hope you enjoy!

zircon’s Twitter
Jeff Ball’s Twitter

AotW: Leech’s “If We Get There…”

This weeks album is from Swiss instrumentalists Leech and is titled “If We Get There One Day, Will You Please Open The Gates?”  Now you see why there is an ellipses in the title!

I got this album the same time I got last weeks AotW and it’s largely in the same vain. How so? Well, it’s another instrumental album that’s a bit post-rock and a bit shoe-gaze.  This one ventures a little more towards a doom metal sound and tempo but would by no means fit in that genre.

Each track is it’s own story, except for the last two. They don’t all fit perfectly together but each song is long enough that that doesn’t really matter.  There’s a bit of experimentation here, for example in the track “March Of The Megalomaniacs” a music box is used and not in “that” straight forward way.  In the track “Endymion” they use some cleverly placed backwards sounds that just add a much need texture.

While the album as whole is great, the second track, “Echolon”, feels really out of place. It sounds quite a bit like a Tool song (in the vain of Disposition) which in the scope of the rest of the album is almost a put-off.  The closing track “Endymion” is one of the best closing tracks I’ve heard in a while. It rounds off the album and you know that the end is coming. Both a horrible but emotionally charged inevitability.

Without further adieu I bring you “March Of The Megalomaniacs”. Enjoy!

The album is for sale via Leech’s Bandcamp page as only a digital download.

AotW: pg.lost’s ‘Key’

The first in what is many albums of the week!  These AotWs will not just be new releases but usually just the album that is on high rotation during any given week.

Firstly though, we have Swedish post-rock/shoe-gaze band pg.lost’s 3rd album, ‘Key’.  To be honest, I downloaded this purely because of shoe-gaze but it’s far from typical shoe-gazey type stuff.  Post-rock seems to be the better descriptor here, maybe a little bit of progressive metal thrown in.

‘Key’ is one of those albums that feels like one long track; each track flows on perfectly from the previous one.  After many listens, it’s actually hard to single out a favourite track or really listen to one track at a time because it forces you to listen to the whole thing!  This is a feat not often achieved by instrumental bands because a lot of the time, a bit of ego peeks through.

Here’s the first track, ‘Sprit Stampede’.
I hope you enjoy!!


The album is for sale from pg.lost’s Bandcamp.  You can order a very limited 2LP white vinyl version of it as well. Mighty tempting.